I’m a certified counselor or a library media specialist, which application do I submit?

 You should submit the Instructional application.

What happens after I sign a recommendation form with a school?

 If a principal offers you a position at a school, you will receive an electronic recommendation form, which you can access in the "My HR Docs" tab of your application. You must electronically sign and submit the form to accept the recommendation. After signing the form, your file will be sent to Human Resources for final review and processing. You will then receive a call and an official offer of employment via email that includes your assignment, orientation date and other important information. You are not an employee of SCS, nor will you receive pay or benefits until you attend orientation.

How do I know if I’m in the Shelby County Schools Candidate Pool?

All applicants who have completed the Shelby County Schools application are able to view and indicate interest in positions. However, principals will only be able to see and review the applications of those applicants who are members of the Instructional Candidate Pool.

Who can view vacancies once they are available?

All applicants who have completed the Shelby County Schools application are able to view and indicate interest in positions. However, principals will only be able to see and review the applications of those applicants who are members of the Teacher Candidate Pool.

What subjects may I teach transitionally on a Practitioner License?

 Shelby County Schools accepts alternative route applicants primarily in high-need or specialized subject areas. SCS accepts a limited number of alternate route candidates for elementary or early childhood teaching positions (foreign language and special education are exceptions) and other low-need subject areas for which we have a robust pool of certified candidates. Decisions about those subject areas are made based on the number of vacancies and the number of qualified certified applicants.

I hold an out-of-state teaching license.  What do I need to do to get my Tennessee teaching license?

Teachers who hold certification in another state must apply for an Out-of-State Tennessee teaching license with the Tennessee Department of Education. Click here to read about the process and download the necessary application forms.  Please note that the process for getting your Out-of-State license can take several months. You are encouraged to apply for this license as soon as possible (preferably two months before the peak hiring season begins in the spring) so that you are eligible to interview for positions in the late spring and early summer.

I've been asked to upload documents to my application showing proof of my highly qualified status. What documents may I use to show this?

You may demonstrate highly qualified status in several ways:

  • Upload a transcript showing you have a major in the subject (elementary and early childhood education majors are exceptions to this option)
  • Upload passing scores for the required Tennessee Praxis II exams for the subject
  • Upload the Out-of-State Highly Qualified form that has been completed by your previous school district 

I am a former MCS or SCS employee.  Do I need to resubmit transcripts and other documents?

 Former MCS or SCS employees reapplying for employment with the district will be asked to upload copies of their transcripts to the new application. You should also make sure that you hold an active Tennessee teaching endorsement. We advise all former employees who are re-applying to order test scores, transcripts and other qualifying documents when they submit the application to ensure that there is no delay in processing your application.

How long will it take for me to hear something once I submit my application?

Our goal is to get back to candidates regarding their eligibility and application status within one week. Please click here for more information about the application process.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements for teaching with Shelby County Schools?

Teaching candidates must hold a valid Tennessee teaching license or a teaching license from another state that will reciprocate to Tennessee. If you do not currently hold a license, you may be eligible to teach transitionally on a Practitioner license license by meeting the following qualifications:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Applicants teaching on a Practitioner license are also required to have a 2.75 cumulative GPA for their undergraduate degree or a 3.0 GPA for the last 60 hours of coursework (could include graduate coursework)
  • Enroll in and Education Preparation Program that will apply for their Practitioner license in Tennessee
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Pass a criminal background check

I applied to MCS and/or SCS in previous years; do I have to reapply?

 Yes. We recently updated our online application with an eye toward identifying the strongest candidates to raise student achievement. All applicants are required to re-apply for positions in Shelby County Schools using the new application. To submit an application, please click here.