About the SCS District

about scs main 1Great teachers inspire learning, prepare students for college and work, and place students in the right direction for a successful life. 

Join us here at Shelby County Schools — one of the 25 largest school districts in the nation — and be a part of our ten-year mission: By 2025, 80 percent of our students will be college- and career ready, 90 percent will graduate high school and 100 percent of graduates will enroll in a post-secondary opportunity.

To make this happen, we offer teachers critical support, feedback and rewards to help them get the most out of their careers and do the most effective job teaching our children.

The SCS District is rapidly growing and improving. Over the past four years, student performance has risen across the SCS District, with Math proficiency scores doubling district-wide and SCS earning Level 5 Growth District status — the state’s highest achievable level.

Our iZone schools, once performing in the bottom 5 percent of Tennessee schools, are outpacing the state’s Achievement School District and making significant gains towards the goal of reaching the top 25 percent within five years.